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Orangery Company based in Brightlingsea, Colchester, Essex

Conservatories are Colchester’s and Essex’s most common way to enlarge your house. Offering a light and airy feel, conservatories are a versatile, year-round social space that you and your entire family can use for a multitude of purposes. They fit fantastically as a family room or a second lounge, but they can also be used as a dining room.

With a Spectrum conservatory, we give a variety of various types, in new and old, big and small properties. Among these are Victorian, Edwardian, lean and gable end designs, as well as larger, bespoke constructions. All of our conservatories are designed to fit and come with a multitude of layout choices, enabling you to build anything that’s right for your house.

You can select from our selection of decorative cornices that we sell in multiple-tier choices. There is also a curved design for certain designs. Domestic ceiling pelmets are also an alternative – the best place to mount lights or speakers. Thanks to the use of creative RAL technologies, we can even supply the uPVC or aluminium frame in a variety of different colours.

Conservatories can be built under permitted development, if the property comes under the limits of the rules and regulations, the remainder of the permits will be issued. However, there is no need to worry as Ultraframe Home Renovations will carry out all the necessary paperwork and testing to ensure that the scheme complies with all regulations.
From the first discussion to the end of the construction of a conservatory, it may take about two or three months or construct. However, fitting time can vary considerably. The design of the conservatory would have an impact or whether or not the current conservatory has to be demolished first. If you would like a realistic concept personalised to your style, please contact us directly.
There are a variety of various roofing designs available in our conservatories. The standard conventional alternative is a glass roof, but we also have flat roofs with glass lanterns, a mixed solid and glass panelled roof and a design that offers the traditional look of a tiled roof.
In addition to our broad variety of conservatories, we are also in a position to design and build glass extensions and aluminium or brickwork orangeries. We are proud to have everything for every type of home and every budget.