Timberlook Flush Sash Windows

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Timber Effect Windows Colchester

Spectrum Glazing Ltd is proud to present an innovation in the realm of home aesthetics and functionality, directly from the picturesque settings of Colchester, Essex – our Timber Effect Windows. Merging the timeless beauty of traditional timber with the unparalleled benefits of modern uPVC, these windows stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in home improvement solutions.

Created with meticulous care, each window boasts high-quality uPVC frames meticulously designed to mimic the classic charm of timber windows. However, unlike their wooden counterparts, these windows offer the promise of low maintenance, negating the need for constant sanding or re-painting. This feature alone can transform your home maintenance routine, providing more time to enjoy the spaces you love.

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Heritage Replacement Windows Essex

Our Timber Effect Windows shine in their ability to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and sound insulation thanks to the availability of double or triple glazing options. The choice between the two allows for a tailored approach to meet your home’s specific needs, reinforcing our dedication to providing personalised solutions.

Security cannot be overstated, and with secure locking mechanisms, these windows not only brighten your home but also fortify it, ensuring peace of mind. Furthermore, the range of customisable colours and finishes ensures that every homeowner in Colchester, Essex, and beyond, can find the perfect match for their property’s aesthetic, making each installation uniquely personal.

Timberlook Heritage Window Installer

Featured prominently in the Timberlook Heritage Window Brochure, these windows are ideal for homeowners, renovators, and those in conservation areas who seek to preserve historical charm without sacrificing performance. Acknowledged for their compatibility with conservation projects and new builds alike, our Timber Effect Windows offer versatility, being certified to PAS24 as part of meeting the Document Q standard.

A Closer Look at Timberlook’s Innovations

Slimmer Sash Profile & Astragal Bar

True to our promise of delivering exceptional products, the new Timberlook windows now feature a slimmer sash profile and astragal glazing bars, meticulously designed to replicate heritage timber frame aesthetics. This evolution not only enhances the windows’ visual appeal but also their practicality by allowing more natural light, thereby brightening your living spaces.

Authentic Ancillaries for a Timeless Look

Understanding the importance of authenticity, we offer specially selected ancillaries, including slimmer external astragal glazing bars and optional deeper bottom sash rail and cill designs. The Radlington cill, inspired by traditional timber ‘block’ cills, is a superior aesthetic addition, providing a depth and character unmatched by standard options.

Mechanics and Craftsmanship

Our windows boast a mechanically joined ‘butt-joint’ appearance on the sash, transoms, mullions, and outer frame, imitating a mortise and tenon style detail. This craftsmanship creates an aesthetic so akin to traditional timber windows, bridging past and present without compromising on quality or performance.

The Radlington Cill – A Modern Interpretation

The Radlington Cill stands as a hallmark of Timberlook’s dedication to elegance and style. This optional addition elevates the window’s appearance, offering a deeper nosed cill that echoes the craftsmanship of older wooden windows.

Revolutionizing Doors with Tradition and Style

Timberlook flush sash doors revive the essence of charm and character for both renovation and new build projects. Our Flush French Doors, crafted with discreet diagonal welds for added strength, promise the same design coherence and stylistic integrity as our windows, ensuring a seamless look throughout your property.

Colours & Finishes – Tailoring to Your Aesthetic

Reflect your style with our vast selection of colours and finishes, from understated classics to vibrant shades. Our options include woodgrain and smooth finishes, providing you with the flexibility to match or accentuate your home’s existing palette.

Security and Energy Efficiency

Confirmed to the latest Document Q standards and PAS24 certified with uprated glass and hardware, Timberlook windows and doors don’t just look the part—they play it. Enhancing your home’s security and thermal efficiency, our products are designed to offer peace of mind alongside beautiful aesthetics.


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