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With over 15 years of professional experience in the game himself, Rich and co. have managed to help create the most reliable DIY sourcing or quality glazing products in Essex and beyond. We know the value of giving people quality and credibility in the products they buy, and we work tirelessly to help deliver the best products and the most reliable solutions each time.

The main difference with Spectrum Glazing and others is that we listen to your needs, not the sell. This means that you have a much better chance of leaving a deal with us having secured excellent value. We provide professional quality glazing goods for far under the standard price, making it easy for you to source awesome equipment to make DIY jobs and commercial projects more affordable without losing reliability.


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0ur Experience

Using our expertise in the glazing industry, we hand-pick every product that we sell as we can see first-hand the quality that it brings to the table. Using our two plus decades of expertise collectively, we make sure that you are always working with people who know the role. When you ask us for advice, it comes from a professional; not regurgitated from an online guide!

This is something we pride ourselves on. People come to us for our great quality and value of products, and stick around for the world class quality of our service and our demeanour. We believe in making innovative DIY jobs and professional services as stress-free for the fitter. This allows us to find amazing value products that we know do the job required, while ensuring that lasting, positive savings can be made time and time again.

With a technical team who area passionate about the role we fill in the Essex area, you can work with us and feel safe that the knowledge you get comes from a professional standpoint. The work we do on a daily basis challenges us and drives us to do better time and time again; that shines through in our product catalogue as well as the specific nature of the advice we offer.

If you would like to work with a firm who know the desires you hold and how to put them into action, come and see us. From DIY conservatory equipment to roof lantern kits, we go that extra mile to find quality, consistency and credibility for all. Everything comes with a full and clear set of instructions for assembly and installation, making sure you can get an easy guide to making everything look as masterful as possible.

Sound like what you need? Then contact the Spectrum Glazing team today on 0345-619-7733 or sales@spectrumglazing.co.uk. Alternatively, contact us today!

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