Spectrum has a wide range of window sytles on offer, you are sure to find your perfect fit. The EnergyPlus UPVC window range specialises in offering you stunning aesthetics and unrivalled double glazing proformance.

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Casement Windows

The traditional window syle suited to any modern property.

Flush Sash Windows

The traditional look of 1930s timber windows with the thermal benefits of UPVC windows.

Bifold Windows

Open up an entire wall, perfectly suited for kitchen or home extensions.

Tilt & Windows

High versatility with increased opening angles for maximum ventilation.

French Windows

Create a seamless opening with intergrated floating window mullions.

Resurgence Flush Sash  Windows

The Resurgence window  is the flush sash window for the 21st Century.

About EnergyPlus Windows

Spectrums multi-chambered EnergyPlus window profile has additional UPVC chambers to prevent the cold air from transferring into your home.

Window Quality Guaranteed

All of our window products are tested throughout the manfacturing process for their durability and longevity.

Made in Britain

Our windows are manufactured in an Essex window factory utilising state of the art techniques to craft your new UPVC windows.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy bills are on the increase, environmental concerns are higher on the agenda then ever before and building regulations are becoming more demanding every year. Choosing the right window system that offers higher UPVC window engery rating for a lower cost, therefore makes good sense.

With our EnergyPlus lead-free, multi-chambered window profile, patented co-extruded bubble gasket, glazing flipper and thermal dam, you don’t need expensive triple glazing to achieve the highest energy ratings – Spectrums EnergyPlus window system achieves a WER of A+ with ease and a U-value of 1.2 with cost-effective double glazing.

The UPVC profile, or frame, in a Spectrum UPVC window, contains symmectrical chambers to minimise the transfer of heat from the inside of your property to the outside. This, together with other innovative design enhancements, helps to minimise energy costs on an ongoing basis. The Spectrum EnergyPlus window range contains 6 chambers and can achieve a U-value as low as 0.8 W/m2K.

Unlike other UPVC window systems, Spectrums high thermal efficiency hasn’t been achieved at the expense of strength or security – our window range is accredited with both PAS 24 Enhanced security and Secured by Design status, assuring you of the highest standards.


Latest Technology

Most UPVC window systems haven’t fundamentally changed since they were first launched in the 1980s – and with UPVC traditionally requiring steel reinforcement inside the window frames, energy efficiency usually had to take a back seat. But not with Spectrums EnergyPlus 70mm system – it was designed from scratch using the very latest technology to meet the demands of today’s house building market. This resulted in a UPVC window that’s not only strong and secure but also achieves one of the highest energ ratings – all in one window system.

The EnegryPlus design team continues to push the boundaries, creating new window products and enhancements to ensure the range is the most innovative and sought after on the double glazing market.