What are the reasons To Go with a Spectrum Glazing Upvc Conservatory in Colchester?

Many homeowners are extending their home with our state of the art Ultraframe conservatory and orangery roofing solution systems from Colchester based Spectrum Glazing Ltd. At Spectrum Glazing Ltd we offer traditional conservatories or more hybrid contemporary LivinRoom conservatory orangery in Essex. It looks striking and is fuel-saving and easily installed. It can prove to be a more low-cost answer than traditional conservatory roof systems or aluminium skylights. Please call Spectrum Glazing in Brightlingsea, Colchester on 0345 619 7733 to get in touch for a quote.

The Modern Feel Of Contemporary Conservatories Can Be Escalated By Shaded Frames

Our conservatories can be further enhanced by the inclusion of intergral venetian blinds in the glass. Further more the choice of Bi-Fold Doors, French Doors and Sliding Patio Doors are an ordinary element of a Contemporary Conservatory and these styles of doors can be employed both inwardly, to adjoin the conservatory with another room, and outside to connect the indoors with the outdoors. uPVC conservatories are the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors from the warmth, comfort and comfort of your home in Colchester. As well as moving light and energy into your property, a uPVC conservatory can provide the extra living space your family need to play, snack or relax in comfort.

Upvc Is Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride

This just means that no chemicals have been combined with the original PVC to lessen the material. It’s a plastic with many assets that make it superb for conservatories. Although it can be written as PVCu or PVC-U they mean the same. Spectrum Glazing’s uPVC double glazing is good at keeping the heat in and the cold out in UK. Choosing the right type of glass will also sway the thermal efficiency of a window or doors deployed in the conservatory build. Brightlingsea, Colchester based Spectrum Glazing use the market-leaders uPVC profile for our conservatory frames, so you can be sure that you’re bringing the best to your home. Spectrum Glazing uPVC windows and sliding patio doors are made in an Essex window and door factory from the highest quality materials available.

The Edwardian Or Georgian Is A Conservatory Installation That Will Maximise The Available Floor Space With A Square Or Rectangular Footprint

Doubtless the most popular style that is so easy to live with, add a set of bi-folding doors or a glass roof with an internal lighting pelmet for a conservatory to be fulfilled by. With handsome symmetry and clean lines, Edwardian conservatories are certain to enhance the features of any home, making the structure strong and robust. The limited brick allows for larger glass windows to be used, creating a deluge of natural light entering your home in Colchester. This results in a wonderful relaxing area for you to use how you please.