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Supply Only Roof Lanterns

roof lanterns london


roof lanterns london
ultrasky internal roofskylight
supply only ultrasky roof lanterns
ultrasky roof lantern

Spectrum Glazing specialise in DIY supply only roof lanterns. We pride ourselves on supplying only what we consider to be the best roof  lantern systems.

With the complexities of flat roof extensions, orangeries and glazed extensions, we know installers must obtain lantern roof products that not only look great but are easy to install and work with.

Spectrum Glazing limited believe in giving you the maximum choice in quality diy roof lanterns. We offer three top quality, contemporary trade priced cheap glass roof lanterns. Spectrum Glazing offer the Ultraframe Ultrasky Roof Lantern, the Synseal Stratus aluminium roof and the Atlas Roof Lantern.

Ultraframe Ultrasky Roof Lantern

The UltraSKY rooflight lantern is stunning.enhancing any style of property, traditional or modern alike. The UltraSKY rooflight is available in a number of bespoke rectangular sizes ranging from 1m x 1.5m to 6m x 4m.

Choose the stylish White PVC option to match your modern window frames, or for that extra “Wow”factor go for the Aluminium option, available in White, Anthracite Grey or Satin Black. Internally the rooflight is clad in white PVC or upgraded to anthracite grey or satin black to either match or contrast the external finish.

The highly thermally efficient glazing options will help reduce heat loss and noise pollution, whilst letting the desired amount of light into your room. 24 mm SMARTGLASS Toughened Self-Clean Glass 1.1 U-Value Argon gas and Warm Edge Spacer bars as Standard.

Roof Lantern Kits – Ultraframe Ultrasky Skylights

Buy Roof Lanterns & Flat Glass Rooflights Online

Synseal Stratus Aluminium Roof Lantern

The purpose designed Stratus aluminium lantern roof system is discreet yet stylish. Designed from the ground up with its innovative thermally broken system, it provides excellent thermal performance – keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Available in 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design models with sizes up to 3m x 6m, this high end, high performance lantern roof is ideal for modern kitchen diner extensions.

Stratus comes in a choice of 2 hard-wearing exterior powder coated finishes, with a white interior finish. For the ultimate in minimalism, the innovative contemporary style supports the ridge solely by the hip rafters, for a slimline, clean and modern look.

Synseal Stratus roof lantern roof – Style 1

Atlas Contemporary Lantern Roofs

An Atlas Roof Lantern will allow natural light to flood into your home, transforming your space, whatever the size. Made to measure and available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, these lanterns combine good looks and precise detailing with outstanding thermal performance to enhance any conservatory, extension, or orangery installation.

Increased roof strength and slim profiles mean we can create the perfect roof to suit any project.

And with unmatched thermal insulation performance, you will enjoy year-round room use, reduced risk of condensation, lower heating and air conditioning bills and superior performance and energy efficiency.

Atlas Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Atlas Flat Glass Rooflights

The Atlas Flat Rooflight creates the illusion of open roof space, and has minimalistic external and internal sightlines that create a sleek, modern appearance and is a stunning addition to any home extension.

Thanks to the Atlas Flat Rooflight’s unique aluminium external and internal capping with a bespoke structural PVCu internal core, it is not only the best looking flat rooflight, but the best double glazed thermal performing flat rooflight on the market.

The flat rooflight has been designed to be fitted with ease. The frame can be simply screwed from the side with hidden direct fixings or from the underside with a strap fixing.

Self-cleaning glass and a 10 year seal and easy-cloan coating warranty ensure that the rooflight will require minimal maintenance through its service life. The rooflight does not compromise on weather performance either and its five degree pitched kerb allows water to drain off the glazing unit on the existing flat roof.

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How to measure and set out an Ultrasky Roof Lantern

ultrasky roof lantern kerb

The set-out dimensions of the Ultrasky roof lantern are measured to the external wall of the timber kerb, 150 mm high x 70 mm wide (not supplied), and NOT the size of the cut-out in the flat roof.

In most cases therefore the dimensions of the lantern are calculated as follows:

Length = Length of hole + (2 x Kerb Width)
Width = Width of hole + (2 x Kerb Width)


Hole 1000mm x 1500mm
Kerb Width 70mm

Overall Dimensions of Lantern: 1140mm x 1640mm

Our roof lanterns are manufactured on demand and therefore we can offer bespoke sizes, should a specific size be required.

Roof Lantern Kits – Ultraframe Ultrasky Skylights

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What is an Ultrasky Roof Lantern?

Ultrasky Roof Lanterns

The Ultrasky lantern roof light is an stunning new roof light design that allows maximum light into your home while adding a stylish extra design feature to the space.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, it’s easy to find the unit that matches your home and your décor perfectly and available to securely purchase online here at Spectrum Glazing.

The Key Features of the Ultrasky Roof Lantern

Reducing the need for unsightly, chunky roof ridges, the Ultrasky design maximises the available glass surface area and therefor the amount of light flooding into your home’s interior.

As well as bringing more light into the space, the unit’s elegant contours and stylish colours will help to create a fantastic feature both internally and externally, adding an eye-catching designer touch to your property.

The highly thermally efficient glass will help to minimise heat loss and noise pollution while still allowing plenty of light to enter your property.

If your property receives a lot of direct sunlight, opt for an Ultrasky with built in roof vent; that way you can regulate the temperature of your home and ensure it’s a fantastic place to be all year round.

The Benefits of the Ultrasky lantern roof kit

Easy to install, stylish and durable, Ultrasky roof lights have a range of benefits over traditional roof light products.

Flooding your home with light and transforming the look and feel of the space, these fantastic roof units can be installed in existing flat roofs, a new build extension or orangery, bringing an eye-catching designer touch as well as a bright, light feel to the space.

grey ultrasky roof lantern

Buy Ultrasky Roof Lanterns Online

Purchase Ultrasky Roof Lantern Kits online from Spectrum Glazing at trade prices. Our Ultrasky Roof Lanterns are available in a choice of SMARTGLASS Blue or SMARTGLASS Neutral. All of our roof lanterns come with free delivery to any address in Essex, Kent, London, Suffolk, Hertfordshire or Sussex.

Roof Lantern Kits – Ultraframe Ultrasky Skylights