Ultraframe Ultrasky The lightest tiled conservatory roof available, Ultraroof is both easy and fast to fit with an unrivalled quality finish.

The lightest tiled conservatory roof available, Ultraroof is both easy and fast to fit with an unrivalled quality finish.

Ultraroof is a cost effective, simple to fit pre-packaged tiled conservatory roof kit that is perfect for the replacement of tired conservatory roofs or new-build extensions.

8 out of 10 homeowners prefer Ultraroof*:

  • Full length glass panels
  • No tie bar – ever
  • Internal pelmet and external soffit for lighting
  • Highly authentic tile finish
  • Slimline hips and ridge cappings
  • *Based on overall looks – Survey conducted Feb 2019 with 64 UK homeowners.

The lightest tiled roof on the market:

  • Weighs only 38kg/m² lighter than any other solid roof
  • Designed by conservatory specialists Ultraframe, to replace existing conservatory roofs
  • Lightweight panels are cut to size and easy to manoeuvre

Unrivalled thermal performance:

  • U-Value of 0.17 as standard
  • Option to reduce to 0.13 if required
  • Complete warm roof system with no cold bridging
  • Fully insulated 380mm structural beam

Independently and fully fire tested:

  • The complete, assembled Ultraroof structure was fire tested in 2017 by Warringtonfire
  • Ultraroof is fire rated as B-roof according to EN 13501-5:2016
  • Ultraroof is fire rated as AC according to BS476-3:2004

Faster to fit than any other solid roof:

  • Supplied in panels of 12 tiles, pre-cut to size. No cutting required on site
  • Integrated full height glass panels for faster glazing
  • Key components labelled in sequence for an easy fit
  • 3 simple structural components: beams, SIPs ridge

No tie-bar ever:

  • Superior strength for larger designs
  • 4M spans for bi-folds without extra support
  • Can be used for builds up to 6.7m by 5m (Georgian)
  • Nasa satellite data used to precision engineer every roof for wind and snow loads

What Makes Up an Ultraroof?

1   Authentic looking replica tiles
2   Fully insulated ridge
3   Slimline aluminium hip and ridge cappings
4   Fully insulated box beam eliminates the risk of condensation
5   Full length glazing panels
6   Structural insulation panels
7   Breathable waterproof membrane
8   The beam is strong enough to support large spans of bi-folds

ultraroof tiled conservatory roof

New Ultraroof Ridge Assembly

1    New Preset Insulated Ridge
2   ‘I’ Beam Edged Panels – For Increased Projections
3    New Simplified Glazing Bar Attachment – For Faster Glazing
4    External Panel Clips – No Battening Needed

ultraroof conservatory ridge

Specification Overview

1     Powder coated tile starter support
2    UltraTile in 3 colours
3    High performance breathable water proofing under layer
4    Ultrapanel, 0.17W/m2 ºC
5    Integrated Marley Classic gutter system
6    OSB/3 Boards -Suitable for load bearing applications in humid conditions

ultraframe tiled ultraroof


A simple lightweight tiled conservatory roof, perfect for updating old conservatory roofs in as little as one day. Extremely lightweight, strong and easy to install, the Ultraroof is faster and simpler than any other solid conservatory roof on the market.

  • Rapid installation process

  • Comes with Ultratile engineered copolymer interlocking slate tile- in 3 colours

  • Incorporate large rectangular glass panels – massive saving over roof windows

  • Off site manufactured, three simple system components

  • No tie beam – ever!

  • Features small external soffit and internal pelmet

  • Full third party accreditation – LABSS System Approval – JHAI System Approval

  • Weight only 38Kg/m² – less than others, not much more than a glass roof

  • Compatible with the curved Cornice for extra Style

  • All external items included – eg. gutter fascia

ultraframe conservatory roof


Our range of tile colours, including Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown, Terra Brick, enables you to meet a wider spectrum of customer tastes. Further to this, it also enables you to tailor the Ultraroof to complement a wider range of property styles and architecture types: all while offering that definitive tiled conservatory roof look.

(Colours here are a guide, for true colours please refer to a product sample)

As Easy as 1 2 3

Ultraroof is a tiled conservatory roof, perfect for the speedy replacement of tired conservatory roofs. Ultraroof is classed as a ‘warm roof’ and gives a vaulted/loft type ceiling. There are three major elements to Ultraroof:

1   Insulated Beams – A patented box eaves beam, filled with mineral wool cavity insulation – that forms the soffit structure – approx 380mm front to back depth.
2   Aluminium Framework – A hidden structural aluminium framework for hips, ridge, and starter bars.
3   Structural Roof Panels – Mechanically fixed Structural Insulated Roof Panels are attached to the box eaves and structural framework.