15 July 2019

Ultra380 Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

Ultra380 Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Replacement Colchester Essex

The Ultraroof 380 is a lightweight tiled roofing system giving you the most advanced replacement conservatory roof on the market!

Transform your Conservatory With a Tiled Ultraroof

Whether you’re simply replacing your conservatory roof, upgrading your window frames too or completely re-building your conservatory, Ultraroof is the ultimate solution and preferred by 8 out of 10 homeowners vs leading competitors.

How Do I Know If My Existing Windows Will Take The Weight Of a Tiled Conservatory Roof?

Spectrum’s specialist software ensures that every Ultraroof is structurally engineered to withstand the worst potential wind and snow loads for your specific full postcode – providing you with complete peace of mind, whatever the weather.

With a tiled roof, it is important to consider the exact location in which it will be installed and that the extremes of weather are taken into account during the design process. After a heavy snowfall, snow places considerable weight on the roof and this will be less likely to melt on a highly thermally efficient tiled roof than it would be on a glazed conservatory roof.

It is vital, therefore, that the original glazing bars that were designed for glass are removed and that the roof is lightweight so the frames are not overloaded and able to withstand the weight of the snow.

What Tiles Are Used On The Ultraroof Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof?

tiled conservatory roof spectrum essex

The UltraTile recreates your homes existing roof on your new extension. The UltraTile is designed to be faster to install than a traditional tiled conservatory roof. It’s also made to outperform other types of synthetic slates and ensures that the structure remains 100% waterproof.

Benefits of Synthetic Slates on Conservatory Roof Replacements

  • Warping & Surface Damage Resistance
  • Discolouration Resistance
  • Fire Resistance to ASTM standards
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy Installation

Solid Conservatory Roof Strength

The Ultraroof doesn’t require tie bars like other conservatory roofs. Its strength comes from the 380mm wide box beam built into its design. This means that your Ultraroof is much lighter than other tiled conservatory roofs without loosing any of its structural integrity.

Ultraroof is designed for large spans of bi-folding doors and can span up to 4m unsupported. The integrated full length glass panels in the roof ensure your extension and any adjoining rooms are flooded with natural light, or if you prefer, Velux windows can be added.

Due to its superior strength Ultraroof never needs a tie bar – Ever. This means that the interior will always feature an uninterrupted vaulted ceiling, which further adds to the sense of space.

Why is Ultraroof the Best Tiled Conservatory Roof?

In order for your tiled roof project to run smoothly and on schedule, you need a roof you can trust.

Ultraroof is fully tested and compliant to both Building Regulations and the latest fire safety standards. Not only this, but Ultraroof is also the fastest to build and the most thermal efficient tiled roof on the market.

  • Fastest to build – Because Ultraroof is precision engineered and pre-manufactured to your specifi cations there is no cutting, trimming or battening required. Put simply, this means less mess and disruption for you as Ultraroof is built much faster than other systems or a traditional roof.
  • Independently and fully fire tested – The components and the complete structure of Ultraroof have been fully fire tested so that you can have complete piece of mind.
  • Warmest – the Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof retains warmth in the winter but keeps cool in the summer months. Giving a U-value of 0.17, there is no cold bridging or cold spots in the roof.

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