What are the benefits of adding a solid roof to my conservatory design?
  • Extended use of the conservatory/extension throughout the year
  • More in-keeping with your existing property style
  • Combine solid and glazed sections with LivinROOF, or opt for a tiled finish with Ultraroof380 or the Garden Room Roof
  • Increased thermal efficiency thus saving money on energy bills
  • Fast installation and construction compared to a traditional extension
  • Lower build costs compared to that of a traditional extension
  • Aesthetics of a contemporary glazed extension as opposed to a traditional conservatory
  • Add value to your home
  • Superior soundproofing
Can a solid roof be retro-fitted to my existing conservatory?

Subject to suitability and structural checks that we will assess, our Solid Roof options can be retro-fitted to your existing conservatory. This helps to increase the thermal efficiency and usability of the room, without having to invest in a completely new conservatory.

Why would i opt for a solid roof conservatory as opposed to a traditional extension?

With overall build costs significantly reduced, along with a much faster installation time, it makes sense to invest in a Solid Roof conservatory. It will also outperform an extension in terms of thermal efficiency.

What is the difference between your solid roof options on offer?

LivinROOF is predominantly aimed at the retro-fit marketplace, although it is available on new build conservatories as well. It combines solid Urban Grey panel with uniquely placed glazed sections, offering a bespoke and contemporary finish.

Ultraroof380 is usually chosen on new build projects, although depending the structural integrity of your existing conservatory, it can sometimes be retro-fitted. Ultraroof380 is a solid, tiled roofing option, with a range of finishes and Velux windows available if desired.

Both LivinROOF and Ultraroo380 can be combined with the Loggia super insulated column system.

Are building regulations required for solid roof replacements?

Solid roofs are now being marketed to provide a building with a wall structure similar to a conservatory but with a solid, highly insulated roof that may have a range of decorative finishes such as slate or tile. Spectrums current versions of this type of roof are Livinroof and Ultraroof380.

Due to the accepted definition of a conservatory and the need to have a substantial area of the roof glazed, these structures are not usually exempt from Building Regulations and require Building Regulation approval through a recognised Building Control Body.

Although these buildings may be able to be built under the same legislative requirements as conservatories, the modifications and the intended use may result in the building no longer meeting the requirements for exemption from the Building Regulations. This is particularly relevant if the doors are being removed from between the house and the solid roof extension.

Spectrum have partnered with JHAI to provide a quick and easy way of ensuring your project is compliant with Building Regulations. If you have any questions regarding the process please look at the FAQs page or give JHAI a call on 0800 121 6062.