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Stratus Aluminium Roof Lantern Supplier in Essex

Stratus is a thermally broken lantern roof system which Synseal says has been designed from the ground up, can be made as large as 3m x 6m and is most definitely aimed at the flat roof market, looking to transform kitchens and new extensions.

Here are some of the aluminium Stratus Roof Lantern products main features:

  • 24mm glazing
  • Polyamide nylon and glass composite thermal breaks – claimed to be 533 times more thermally efficient than aluminium
  • 20 degree pitch
  • available as a 2-way, 3-way or minimalist contemporary design
  • claims to be 65% more efficient than traditional aluminium roof systems

Stratus lantern roof specification

This is a solid showing by Synseal. Plenty of selling points for K2, Global and Sysneal installer customers to talk about with the home owner.

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The purpose designed Stratus aluminium skylight is discreet yet stylish. Stratus allows light to flood into your home’s interior, the ideal modern lantern solution, and coupling slimline contemporary looks with truly outstanding performance.

Bespoke designed from the ground up around an innovative thermally broken system, it provides excellent thermal performance – keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter – while delivering the architectural refinement you’d expect of a high end aluminium roof lantern system.

Stratus Roof Lantern Kits

Available in Contemporary, 2 Way or 3 Way bespoke designs with sizes up to 3m x 6m, this high end, high performance slimline Skylight is ideal for modern living. Stratus is ideal for fresh, bright interiors that want to be opened up and bathed in light.

Contemporary Styled Slimline Aluminium lantern roof

Stratus aluminium roof lanterns comes in a choice of 2 hard-wearing exterior powder coated finishes, with a white interior finish. For the ultimate in minimalism, the innovative contemporary style supports the ridge solely by the hip rafters, for a slimline, clean and modern look.

grey stratus glass roof lantern
Stratus Roof Lantern in Grey on white with blue solar control glass.

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