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Welcome to Spectrum Glazing, a professional firm who help hobbyists, professionals and DIYers put together pristine projects. When you are looking for quality DIY windows, doors, accessories and/or roof lanterns, you might be put off by the price. At Spectrum, we pride ourselves on making sure you don’t need to pay the eye-watering prices of elsewhere without having to reduce quality.

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You should be able to install glass equipment like this without any of the usual fears or limitations. We want every customer to feel 100% comfortable working with our systems. They are designed to help get you professional quality fittings without any of the usual challenges or costs involved.

At Spectrum Glazing, we appreciate that you likely want to get your DIY conservatory job started as soon as possible. Our high quality installations and services are some of the finest in the country, and should make it exceptionally simple for you to get the best out of your land. However, we appreciate that some people might not be sure where to go when it comes to managing a DIY conservatory installation.

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While we pride ourselves on the quality that we provide, we also appreciate the importance of visibility, as well. Our excellent UPVC and Aluminium roof lanterns give you an easy way to get extra visibility as and when you need them.With a solar-controlled self-cleaning glass, too, this ensures that you can allow your lanterns to work at normal capacity without any worries or concerns about damage being done. This can be the perfect opportunity to help get a fully operational lantern that offers extra credibility, suitability and visibility in abundance!

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We pride ourselves on the best quality of product being used in our own jobs, and our DIY offers are no different. You should need to settle for second best at any point, and we’ll make sure that this is the case with our fine collection of DIY windows and doors.

With all manner of designs and colour schemes available, you should have no problem finding the perfect fit for your project. Everything can be quoted, too; so if you want to get a price, simply contact us today and we can give you a full quote. Otherwise, you can order directly through our store and make sure you can get everything you need ordered, readied and managed to be delivered as soon as possible!

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If you have any questions for the Spectrum Glazing team, please do not hesitate to let us know. From a product enquiry to looking for some expert advice on how to go about a certain aspect of installation, we’ll be more than happy to help you out when we can.

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