Corrapol Clear Polycarb Corrugated Sheeting

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Virtually Unbreakable Corrugated Sheeting

Common uses:
✓ Carports
✓ Greenhouses
✓ Canopies
✓ Smoking Shelters
✓ Verandahs
✓ Covered Walkways
✓ Swimming Pools
✓ Factory Partitions
✓ Cold Frames

✓ Virtually Unbreakable
✓ Does Not Become Brittle Like PVC
✓ Excellent Light Transmission
✓ Blocks Almost All UV Radiation
✓ UV-Protected Against Yellowing
✓ Lightweight
✓ Easy to Install, Cut and Drill
✓ Excellent Fire-Rating Qualities

Corrugated clear sheet has been on
the market for many years now but has
often had a bad reputation due to fast
discolouration and an accompanying
brittleness causing cracks and holes to
appear very quickly.
Not with CORRAPOL®, sheets are extruded
in a special resin which offers amazing
strength, excellent clarity and above all
unrivalled weathering characteristics
resulting in a long lifespan.
CORRAPOL®’s easy installation and
excellent performance makes it suitable
for a huge variety of applications. Fixings,
foam eaves fi llers and wall fl ashings are
also available creating a complete package.
Samples of CORRAPOL® are readily
available for testing and specifi cation
purposes. CORRAPOL® retains its integrity
and properties over an extended lifetime of
service. A manufacturers limited lifetime
warranty is available on request.

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Width (mm)


Height (mm)

1830mm, 2440mm, 3050mm, 3660mm