As a family business, Origin has grown rapidly since 2002 to become one of the UK’s leading folding door manufacturers while maintaining their family ethic at heart. The UK-based company’s close proximity makes it even easier to get better Origin double doors in Colchester & Essex.

Origin is one of the UK’s leading specialist manufacturers of individual high-quality aluminium folding doors. A specific nature gives you complete freedom to have your goods personalised to your exact requirements.

Spectrum Glazing like all of our employees to feel confident about each and every supplier we supply and build. As such, we like to take all of them to visit these manufacturers. This enables them to develop their own personal relationships within the companies that supply us and to gain vital knowledge that they have not been able to gather in any other way.

What makes an aluminium Orgin Bifold Door different?

Such systems combine high-grade aluminium with precision engineering to create practical and stylish goods that are engineered to last. As such, Origin provides a 20-year manufacturing warranty on their doors and running gear. -door package comes with a unique serial number, which guarantees a property door for two decades once registered!

The bottom of each Origin door panel has its own long, solid aluminium wheelbase cart with four wheels running inside the threshold line. Each individual working part of the system has a part to play in the smooth running of the doors This free glide system also ensures that there is no risk of trips or falls.

With family in mind Origin has created a ‘ finger free ‘ gasket that sits between each door pane ensuring that even when the doors are completely closed, there is no space for little fingers to be captured. That, along with the secret running gear, leads to a unique combination of safety features.

Origin doors have worked hard to achieve very competitive thermal efficiency. Certified U-Value of 1.3 w / m2k ensures that doors exceed the British regulations by 27 per cent, keeping cool and warm during the winter months and cooling in and out during the summer months. The uncompromised frame design includes advanced thermal breaks, weather tight seals and a locking system that allows for maximum compressions and increased water resistance.

Both complexity and elegance are words that come to mind when you look at the Origin multi-point locking system with high security and efficiency. The innovative8-point locking manufactured by Yale door & window solutions conforms to the challenging requirements, and with an upgrade you are also about to receive the desired ‘secured by design’ specifications from police.

Origin aluminium bifolding doors are perfect for enjoying your doors without requiring time for complicated maintenance. These doors are finished with a high-grade coating that eliminates the need for painting or any aesthetic maintenance when the frames are wiped down while protecting the colour of the doors and good looks.

One of the most unique qualities that the Origin door has to offer is its short lead time allowing you to fulfil your need for express bifold doors. This service allows you to source bifold door frame from our customers within as little as 72 hours of signing off.