Origin is committed to creating exceptionally stunning, uncompromisingly secure and flawlessly crafted products that will enrich the way you and your family live their lives. The doors are made with care, precision and expertise, so you know you’re getting a truly special product.

The newest addition to the Origin home range, which already consists of folding doors, windows and front doors, is their sliding door, which offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

This door is made of premium-grade aluminium, making it possible to achieve ultra-slim sightlines while accommodating impressively large glass panes. These sliding glazed panels are an impressive visual feast over a large opening. Each panel with a maximum size of 2.2 wide by 3 m tall (or 6m2 overall) can slide in a variety of configurations to provide ultimate flexibility.

A sleek, minimalist and versatile design perfectly complements the interior of your home while being mercilessly tough to protect you and keep bad weather out.

The Origin sliding aluminium door is the only commodity of Origin to be supplied with low-coated glass pre-bonded into the frames. Origin built this door specifically to meet the needs of the UK market, every inline sliding door is designed to maximise superior environment, protection and visual appeal.