3 August 2022

Replacement Double Glazing Colchester

Replacement Double Glazing Colchester

To prevent heat loss and block outside noise, double glazing in Colchester refers to two panes of glass enclosed in a frame.

All houses lose heat through their outside windows, but installing energy-efficient double glazing can assist to minimise this loss and warm your home.

A vacuum or a gas like argon or krypton can fill the area between the two glass panes. The “R-value,” a measurement of thermal resistance known in the business, can be improved using either of these techniques.

Colchester offers energy-efficient double-glazed windows in a range of frame materials, including conventional uPVC and aluminium. Naturally, the energy efficiency of various materials will vary depending on how well they keep heat from escaping through the window, how much sunlight gets through the glass, and how much air can seep in or out of the window surrounds.

Investigating the manufacturers’ window energy rating, which will demonstrate how energy-efficient their goods are, is a smart way to select an appropriate window material.

Double glazing in Colchester has these advantages:

Lower energy costs: installing double glazing might result in annual savings of up to GBP160 on average.

lower fuel consumption in your home is environmentally friendly.

More insulation means less heat loss and a warmer home.

Quiet – The windows block out outside noises.

Condensation buildup is decreased thanks to energy-efficient windows.

There are several options from which to select to complement the style of your property.
When estimating the price of double glazing, it is important to consider the number of windows on your property that will need to be replaced, the type of frame you wish to use (aluminium or uPVC), and the associated frame sizes. Compared to aluminium framed alternatives, which can be significantly more expensive, uPVC is far more economical.

We ensure that both our installers and our frames fully abide by the latest building requirements and are Certass registered (another scheme that registers and approves Double glazed window installers in Colchester).


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