16 October 2022

Can UPVC Windows Be Painted?

Can UPVC Windows Be Painted?
Customers frequently ask us if we can paint UPVC windows, and the answer is yes. You can paint UPVC doors and windows, that’s the short answer. Changing the exterior paint colour is a simple and inexpensive way for many homeowners to give their house a facelift and boost its curb appeal. It’s not easy to paint UPVC windows.

New UPVC windows should not be painted.

When looking up how to paint UPVC windows, the first piece of advice is to not do it if the windows are brand new. The resins used to make UPVC materials are to blame for this. During production, an additional plastic coating is applied to the UPVC windows to give them a glossy finish. If you want to paint over newly installed UPVC, you should wait at least a year.

People often decide to paint their UPVC window frames for various reasons.

Because of its durability and low cost, UPVC has become a common window material in Essex. UPVC windows are extremely popular because they are long-lasting, resistant to damage, simple to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing.

A home’s interior and exterior may not need updating every year, but tastes change. Most homeowners will repaint their UPVC windows at this time to give their homes a more modern look.

The question is, “What colour can you paint UPVC windows?”

The short answer to the question, “What colour can I paint my UPVC windows?” is “Any colour you want.” Whatever hue you decide on for your window frames is entirely up to you. Choose paints that will stick well to the plastic surface, though. Many paints are not designed for use on plastics, so you’ll need to find one that can adhere to plastics chemically. If you want your paint job to last as long as possible, pick a colour that is resistant to solar bleaching and UV rays.

In what way do you paint UPVC windows?

Many people want to know if it’s possible to spray paint UPVC windows. Spraying is the most efficient method for painting UPVC windows. Professionals all over the country use window spraying, which is the best method for painting UPVC windows. Spray painting guarantees a flawless, expert look by eliminating brush strokes and other flaws that come with traditional painting methods. While painting UPVC windows may seem like a simple task, achieving a professional look requires hard work and attention to detail.

  • First, protect your window glazing and the exterior of your home by installing protective coverings. It will keep the paint from spreading to other areas of your home while you are painting the UPVC window frames.
  • All Windows Should Be Cleaned – Give all window and door frames a good scrub down and remove all dust, dirt, and debris. As a result, you can rest assured that the smooth appearance will be preserved and the paint will adhere properly.
  • After washing the windows thoroughly, the next step is to gently sand them to create a slightly abrasive surface. The paint will stick better to the surface, and the result will be a uniform coating with fewer brush strokes.
  • Prime the Windows – A layer of primer applied to the windows’ surface before painting will facilitate the paint’s adhesion to the surface, resulting in a more professional finish.
  • When the surface is ready, spray painting windows can begin. Applying at least three coats of paint to the UPVC is recommended, though more may be needed depending on the colour you choose.
  • After spray painting the windows, you should wait about 30 minutes for the paint to dry. After the paint has dried completely, check the windows to see if a flawless layer of colour has been applied.
  • Once the paint has dried on your windows, you can remove the plastic coverings.

Which Option Do Experts Suggest?

Here at Spectrum Glazing, we have UPVC window installers on staff who are both knowledgeable and friendly. While we recognise the rising popularity of painting window frames, it is not a practise we advocate. UPVC is a durable material that can withstand the elements, maintain the safety and efficiency of a home, and last for decades.

But UPVC windows’ durability can be compromised if you sand off the protective layer and then paint over it. The most significant drawback, however, is that painted UPVC windows eventually chip, crack, and become damaged. As a result, we tell our clients not to paint their UPVC windows.

Painting UPVC windows has its drawbacks.

  • Inexperienced painters will find the process to be challenging.
  • Over time, the paint will deteriorate and develop chips and cracks.
  • UPVC is harmed during the painting process.
  • Depending on your insurance company, you may not be covered to paint your windows.

Our Wide Selection of UPVC Window Styles

We offer a wide selection of UPVC windows because we understand that each of our customers has unique wants and needs for their homes. We offer the sculpted and chamfered profiles of Liniar windows. You can trust that both of these UPVC windows, made by industry leaders, will improve your home’s comfort, safety, and curb appeal. We at Spectrum Glazing take great pride in what we do, and we strive to give our customers UPVC windows that they will love for years to come.

The Time to Schedule UPVC Window Installation Is Now

Do you want to know if it’s possible to paint UPVC window frames? While it is true that UPVC frames can be painted on both the inside and outside, we strongly recommend against it. Get your windows from us instead. We stock many varieties of UPVC windows in various colours and designs, so you can find the perfect fit for your home among the options we offer. Call us right away to schedule the installation of your new windows.

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