About the Livin Room Roof

The roof is the most important structural element in any orangery because it provides strength, stability and ventilation for the overall structure. To ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your new orangery all Window Wise orangeries are fitted with Ultraframe Roofs. Ultraframe are the acknowledged international leaders in the design and manufacture of conservatory & orangery roofs and every roofing system carries a 25-year BAA (British Board of Agrément) life expectancy. With over a million roof installations performing day in, day out in the UK, you can be sure that the addition of an Ultraframe orangery will give you years of pleasure and may also add significantly to the value of your home. 

Both our conservatories in Livin ‘ Room are available in a variety of colours. Several new colours, including Irish Oak and Smooth Grey, vary from standard white, rosewood and light oak. Through looking at popular trends, these colours were carefully selected. The coloured foil has a specific feel of wood grain to add even more to our designs in the conservatory.

The Livin ‘ Room Orangery solution combines the best of both worlds, a conservatory’s large glass roof, and an extension’s beautifully painted and plastered walls.

The Livin ‘ Room Orangery is a truly multi-functional glazed extension creating an enjoyable and relaxing room. Constructed around the well-proven Ultraframe Classic roof, a well-engineered internal frame is added, then plastered, to give an all-round perimeter ceiling. The new ceiling room can be fitted with downlights and even speakers, giving the new glazed extension an ultra-modern look.

The Livin ‘ Room Orangery can be used in a variety of shapes from Victorian, Georgian, Lean To and Gables and is also ideal for use with box gutters, so the size you can have is almost limitless. Using the additional Cornice aluminium guttering contributes to the Livin ‘ Room Orangery’s overall exterior visual effect. You can even attach Bi-Folding Aluminium doors.

So whether you’re planning to use your new Livin ‘ Room Orangery as a dining room, kitchen, or even play room, you’re going to find yourself constantly using your new glazed home extension.

 You can also choose to install brickwork–maybe on one side a three-quarter or full-height wall to connect the conservatory even more to your house.Gable-front conservatories, whatever you choose, are a great and majestic choice for any home of any size and will never fail to impress your mates.

The LivinRoom Side Options

The wall product you choose will depend on the style of your Livin Room, the location, it’s intended use and your own personal preference. Dwarf brick build cavity walls combined with standard height window frames and french doors are more commonly used however low level or even full height window frames combined with brick piers and either patio doors or the superb concertina doors can provide a striking design. If you’re not sure what’s best for your home, our orangery consultants are always on hand to give you expert help and advice on planning your new Livin Room. To Learn More about Livin Room wall products select one of the links below.

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