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Hello and welcome to the future of home extensions - hup!

hup! is a revolutionary new way to quickly extend your home and create beautiful bright living spaces.
with the least amount of disruption to your home and family.

A pre-fab construction revolution

A construction revolution, hup! Ultrapanels, which are highly energy efficient, are used in place of traditional brick walls and timber and slate roofs. These innovative panels are hup! Extensions that are five times more energy efficient than the average UK home, ensuring that your hup! will be just as warm as the rest of your house because of this advanced technology, hup! Extensions are five times faster to build than brick extensions.

Hup! Proudly British! Our state-of-the-art factory manufactures pre-fab extensions off-site. When your hup! was built, work that would normally take several months had already been completed. arrives at your residence. The builder will then construct your new extension, which should take a few days.

In addition to being ideal for extensions, hup! is also an excellent material for conservatories and conservatory conversions, as well as garden homes.

The best solution for home extensions in Colchester

The amazing hup! walling system can be used on orangeries, single-storey extensions or conservatories in Colchester, Clacton-on-Sea, Brightlingsea and surrounding Tendring areas.

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The hup! Insulated Walls can be used with our following Products and Services

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Conservatory Refurbishments Colchester

If you have plans to refurbish your old conservatory, hup! is the simple solution. hup! can transform an old conservatory into a modern, energy-efficient extension that feels like it is now a part of your home in just a few weeks. hup!’s energy-efficient walls are quick, simple, and inexpensive to install on existing foundations.

Upgrade to a high performance glass roof or a super-insulated solid roof with rooflights to improve the thermal performance of your conservatory while retaining natural light in any adjoining rooms.

With super-insulated walls, your new hup! will be energy efficient enough to convert your old conservatory into a modern open plan extension by removing internal doors and opening the space up to the rooms beyond.

5 x faster than traditional extension building methods

Single Storey House Extension Colchester

Do you want a bright, sociable open-plan room that connects your living space to the garden? Perhaps you’re constructing a new home office or playroom that will be filled with healthy and stimulating natural light to create the ideal learning or working environment.

Using hup! The only limitations are your imagination and each hup! Roof includes high performance glass rooflights to flood your new room with natural light.

Extending your home with hup! is simple and quick. There’s no need to be intimidated by the prospect of managing architects, builders, and various trades, and there’s no need to be concerned about going over budget.

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hup! is Five times more energy efficient than the average home

Rising energy costs are a source of concern for everyone, but hup! provides maximum energy efficiency due to high performance glass and extremely low U-Values

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one point of contact

hup! is the easiest way to build. There is no need for an architect because the entire project is handled by a familiar team. Your hup! designer will assist you in visualising your design and will provide a fixed price, giving you confidence that your beautiful extension will be delivered on time and on budget.

hup! home extension Colchester

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5 x faster to build

What would normally take months to build will only take weeks with hup! What used to take weeks now takes days. Your hup! was built in any weather by a single team. The extension is delivered as a flat-packed kit, so there is no cutting or waste on site, allowing you to avoid the mess and disruption associated with traditional construction.

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maximum design adaptability

Choose from pitched or flat roofs, all with rooflights that let in natural light into your new space. Hup! if you want to frame your view with large picture windows or create an indoor/outdoor space with large sliding doors then hup! will give you complete design freedom

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Join the hup! revolution

hup house extension colchester

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high end finish on every install

A high quality finish is guaranteed with hup! every time. Designed by Ultraframe, the UK leader in extension and roofing technology, hup! is manufactured in a BBA-approved factory in Lancashire, and every hup! extension features Ultrapanel technology, which is patented and BBA-approved to last at least 60 years.

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amazing Ultrapanel technology

This revolutionary technology combines the best of timber and steel framing building technology with exceptional insulation properties. hup! In terms of strength, wall panels outperform traditional building methods significantly.

hup! House Extension Brochure

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