steel front doors essex

Steel Front Doors Essex

When it comes to selecting a new front door, Gerda doors are among the best on the market. They are also among the strongest, with steel frames and an aluminium frame, or the elegant Altus model, which has an all-aluminum flush look. This Gerda doors overview explains the whole line of doors, their characteristics and benefits, and why you should think about Gerda – a superb choice when compared to alternative aluminium doors, composite doors, and even timber front doors.

gerda doors essex

Gerda Front Doors Colchester Essex

Do you want to get a price or buy a high-end steel front door in Colchester? Then you’ve come to the perfect location to select your new Gerda front door. There is certain to be a steel front door that matches your Colchester home among the vast array of colour and styles available.

Gerda Doors Essex

Front doors that are highly engineered and have a construction made entirely of metal can be purchased from Spectrum Glazing under the brand name Gerda Doors. The steel Gerda door range feature contemporary or traditional-styled aluminium front doors, with a high-end construction quality, fit, and finish. Available as front doors with an aluminium frame and steel door leaf or as an ultra-premium type made entirely of aluminium, Gerda doors are available in a variety of configurations.

Gerda Doors are manufactured in Poland by a firm with a stellar reputation for producing high-quality steel and aluminium entry doors, apartment entry doors and fire doors. Gerda is also well-known as a supplier of high-quality garage doors, fire-rated glass, and general fenestration, in addition to locks and fittings.

Essex’s local authorities and the Fire Brigade are already familiar with the Gerda brand of security products and doors, which includes designing and making steel and aluminium front doors as well as a full range of door hardware, such as high security locks, surface-mounted lock systems, door closers, key cylinders, padlocks, and smart locks.

Product Lineup for Gerda Doors

There are four distinct door styles available from Gerda. When compared to other types of front doors, where entry-level versions typically lose features, this is more evidence of the value proposition offered by Gerda doors.

Which of the four Gerda products is best depends on your budget, the materials you’d want to see used to build the door, your own taste in aesthetics, and the amount of insulation you need.

The Optima 60 Gerda

Thicker thermal insulation is used in the steel door leaf of the base-level Gerda Optima 60 model. Optima 60 provides an all-metal door at a price that is comparable to that of high-end composite options. U-values are low, security measures are top-notch, and you may pick between a solid door or glass panels for a more traditional or modern look.

Thermo Prime 75 Gerda

The Thermo Prime 75 has an even superior interior core composed of highly insulated polyurethane, boosting the U-Values, in addition to its already impressive aluminium frame and thick steel door leaf. Thermo Prime 75 is also available with wider and taller door openings.

Altus, Gerda

The Gerda Altus is the best door available from the company that makes them. The door leaf on this type is 88 mm thick, and the door frame is 90 mm. It has a unique style and sits flush within its frame on the inside and the outside. With a polyurethane thermal core and additional quality hardware from the reputable German manufacturer Fuhr, the U-Values are as low as they can go.

Strength, Beauty, and Excellence: Gerda Doors

Modern homeowners who want design, longevity, and energy economy can’t go wrong with Gerda Aluminium doors. Style, adaptability, and a lot of room for personalization. Gerda doors are durable, reliable, and have slender door frames, all while complementing any home’s aesthetic. These doors are built to last with a revolutionary steel and aluminium structure that prevents warping, rotting, and rusting. Get in contact to find out more about the Gerda doors and where they may be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gerda doors better than composite doors?

At a comparable price point, the Gerda steel doors we install, particularly the OPTIMA Series, are noticeably superior than composite doors. You can provide a more secure, thermally efficient entry door that will not warp or decay.

When you buy a Gerda door from Spectrum Glazing, you’re getting the market’s best door. Rethink door standards and put your faith in the experience. Gerda has been producing their distinctive door line for over 30 years.

What is a Gerda door?

What are Gerda doors made from?


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