eco energy plus diy windows

Everyone is becoming more conscious about environmental issues, and we are no exception. Saving energy is important for the planet and for future generations, so we all need to do our best to comply with existing regulations, and even exceed expectations if possible. That’s exactly what we aim to do at Spectrum Glazing with our DIY Eco-Energy Upvc window range. Heat loss from windows can be from both the glass surface area together with the type of frame. Both these issues have been more than adequately addressed by our Eco-Energy Upvc Casement Window range.


Major advances in technology has enabled our Eco-Energy range of casement windows to be the highest possible specification, in terms of energy efficiency. The product range is rated ‘A’ by the British Government’s approved Energy Index, certified by BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council), which is the highest possible rating currently available. The rating system, which is based on lettered bands ranging from A to G, and where ‘A’ represents the most efficient, is fully recognised and referred to as Part L of standard UK building regulations.


Optionally glazed with either 28mm double or 36mm triple glazing, our Upvc Eco-Energy casement window frames can be either a 4-chamber profile, delivering supreme energy efficiency, or the superior performance Energy Plus 6-chamber profile, which easily meets the A+ window energy ratings. Glass used in the glazing process is Softcoat Planitherm Low-E glass, which is the perfect choice for keeping heating bills low by allowing less heat to escape from the room. Saving on heating also reduces your carbon footprint.