Similar to glasshouses, Orangeries were intended to support the growth of fruit and vet, but now function as a year-round contemporary living space. Colchester located Spectrum Glazing Orangery’s are recognised by columns that sit beneath a roof formed of internal beams and glass panels.

Spectrum Glazing’s Colchester Modern Orangery’s

Spectrum Glazing’s in Colchester Conservatories, modern Orangery’s can be built in a variety of engineered styles and shapes. Spectrum Glazing in Colchester know that for conservatories, the roof style will alter from design to design such as Lean-to, Victorian or Edwardian roofing. However, Spectrum Glazing in Brightlingsea orangery roofing design will stay the same whatever the best style you give the room.

Essex Based Spectrum Glazing’s Orangeries Do Not Have As Much Glass

Brightlingsea located Spectrum Glazing know that having less glass than conservatories, orangery’s don’t always attach to the rear of the house. Not dissimilar to greenhouses, Colchester located in Spectrum Glazing orangery’s often sit in the garden as a separate structure known as a Garden Room. Spectrum Glazing in Colchester orangery’s are perfect if you like space to be alone.

For Spectrum Glazing Conservatories In Colchester The Differences Are Becoming Less These Days

Colchester based Spectrum Glazing can see that the main differences are easy not difficult to spot, in that conservatories will have a inclined or angled roof. Essex based Spectrum GLazing a lean-to conservatory will have a single side, if this is not the case it will be an apex or have an arched roof. Colchster located in Spectrum Glazing roofs for orangery’s are almost on every occasion flat with a glazed upvc or aluminum roof lantern section that is elevated in or near the centre of the roof.

A Difference in the amount of glass used in glass room extensions essex

A Spectrum Glazing in Colchester conservatory is dissimilar to an orangery conservatory by the amount of glass used in the conservatory construction. Spectrum Glazing in Brightlingsea traditional conservatories typically have 70% more glass used in windows and roofing than orangery’s. For example, the orangery conservatory from Spectrum Glazing in Colchester has large brickwork pillars for seclusion or loggia super insulated columns for a contemporary orangery, the traditional conservatory has more double glazed windows and/or glass conservatory roof.

What makes a Spectrum Glazing Conservatory in Essex different?

A Spectrum Glazing Ltd in Brightlingsea conservatory, orangery or glass room is an elegant glass extension on your home. Spectrum Glazing in Colchester understand that Just like orangery’s, conservatories can be upgraded and designed to suit your home design and living needs. With a wide choice of colours, conservatory roof designs, glass options, livinroom internal lighting pelments and a choice of aluminium cornice external gutter covers. Spectrum in Colchester are confident we have the conservatory or ornergy design option for you.

What are spectrum glazing colchester orangeries?

Brightlingsea located Spectrum Glazing orangery’s, on the other hand, are more like a traditional house extension. Colchester based Spectrum Glazing orangeries typically have more brickwork than conservatories and blend into the house and garden in an understated and elegant or contemporary manner. Spectrum Glazing in Essex recommend that a good way to think of an orangery is as an extension with a dash of  a conservatory. Spectrum Glazing in Colchester tell you that they usually are built with more brickwork however large windows and a glass roof are still the main highlights.