Ultraframe Lean To Sunroom Conservatories

This type of conservatory will run in a straight line along the back of a house making the most of every square metre of your floor area. As a result, this makes the Lean To Conservatory a great way to expand your home if you have the width but not necessarily the depth.

Lean To Conservatories Colchester Essex

What is a Lean to Conservatory?

A lean-to conservatory has a flat angled roof that slopes downward, allowing rain to run off the roof.

This is what gives this conservatory style the appearance of ‘leaning’ against a house (hence it’s name).

Ideal for houses restricted by height, this low pitched roof can be accommodated for awkward spaces, making it the perfect choice for bungalows or terraced properties.

This small conservatory will not restrict any space at the side of the house.

Those with Victorian or Edwardian terraced homes can create a long and narrow lean-to style which extends beautifully into the garden.

Lean-To Conservatories Bespoke Design

If you are searching for a stylish yet understated look, then the lean-to conservatory is the fuss free structure you are looking for.

Aesthetically similar to a Mediterranean sunroom, the Lean-To Conservatory is ideal for those who prefer a subtler look – it’s clean lines and structure complementing your property, rather than overshadowing it.

A lean-to conservatory is typically a rectangular or square shape. The rectangular shaped lean-to conservatory has the longer side running along the back of the property.

A flat angled roof slopes downward, allowing rain to run off the roof. This is what gives this conservatory style the appearance of ‘leaning’ against a house which is how it the lean-to conservatory gets its name.

Lean To Conservatory Style

As a very versatile conservatory option, the Lean-to conservatory can be used as greenhouse, dining room or lounge, and with the current advancements in technology, features such as double glazing and floor heating are also readily available.

Lean-to conservatories are minimalist in design. But this doesn’t mean that they are basic.

You’ll be able to choose from a range of different glass, roof and window options – and even create your own colour scheme.

The end result will be a contemporary Lean-to conservatory that’s built to spec and which adds significant value to your property.

Lean-To Conservatory Options

As a very popular Conservatory option, this classic conservatory style can be tailored to suit your personal tastes, and is available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes.

UPVC lean-to conservatories come in many in variations and options for the base of the conservatory include dwarf walls, fully height glass panels and UPVC panels.

UPVC panels are normally the most affordable options however, dwarf walls provide a greater level of privacy, security and efficiency.

The Main Glazing Materials Are:

  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Solid grey panels
  • Slate effect tiles

Lean To Sunrooms make Versatile Conservatories

The base and roof offer great versatility. This flexibility makes them highly desirable amongst home owners and buyers alike.

The lean-to conservatory can be adapted to suit almost any property.

Ideal for homes restricted by height, the Lean-To’s low pitched roof can be accommodated for awkward spaces, making it the perfect choice for bungalows or terraced properties.

This small conservatory will not restrict any space at the side of the house. Those with Victorian or Edwardian terraced homes can create a long and narrow lean-to style which extends beautifully into the garden.

As a very versatile conservatory option, the Lean-To can be used as greenhouse, dining room or lounge.

Also, with the current advancements in technology, features such as self cleaning glazing and under floor heating are readily available.

Lean-To Conservatory Roofs

As discussed, the roof for your Lean-to conservatory is downward sloping.

The roof is low pitched compared to other conservatory styles which have an apex roof design.

That is why Lean-to conservatories are a great choice for bungalows-they are perfect for homes that have restricted space under the eaves.

The pitch of the lean-to conservatory’s roof can vary, making it extremely adaptable for any awkward space. A shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof whilst a steeper lean-to roof can be fitted to a terraced property.

Roofing Options For Conservatories

Options for your Lean-to conservatory roof include -as aforementioned – solid panels, tiles , glass and polycarbonate materials.

Polycarbonate is the more affordable option; however, a glass conservatory has greater aesthetic value and will let in more light. Which roof is best for a Lean-to conservatory? Let’s have a look.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

A polycarbonate roof for your Lean-to conservatory might seem appealing, as it’s the least expensive option; but it is inefficient at soundproofing and insulating – so will cost you more money in the long-term.

A Lean-To Conservatory With Solid Roof

You may also want to think about a tiled or solid roof. They will retain heat more effectively and keep out unwanted noise.

However, bear in mind that a solid roof will let in less light, so you may want to think about installing a velux-style or lantern window to overcome this problem.

Roof Ventilation

When it comes to lean-to conservatory design, ventilation is an important aspect which must be considered.

You will have a choice of either manual or electronically operated roof vents. Electronic roof vents swift ventilation but manual vents are the cheapest option.

Thermally Efficient Conservatory Roofs

Alternatively, you can buy thermally efficient glass roofs for conservatories that are filled with gas, which prevents unnecessary heat from escaping.

Some models are even self-cleaning and use a substance called titanium dioxide to keep your windows dirt free all year round.

Lean-To Conservatory Installation

Lean-to conservatories are the most straightforward of conservatory styles to install. The installation of a lean-to conservatory should take a few weeks.

Make sure you agree to a timescale and schedule with your conservatory installation company beforehand. That way you will know when you can expect to have the installation finished.

Conservatories that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter

As the most used material in a conservatory is glass, it is important to consider your energy efficiency and how you plan to manage inside temperatures.

You have many options when it comes to kitting out your conservatory for killer efficiency.

  • Thermal glass can be used in sealed units to help maintain heat.
  • Under-floor heating to provide a consistent temperature – especially during colder periods.
  • Roof vents will aid air flow, preventing heat from building up in the summer.
  • Tinted glass can help reduce sun glare.
  • Although pricey, air conditioning is also an option if you want to keep your space cool during hotter months.
  • Conservatory blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters your conservatory. This keeps your space cool in the summer, warmer in the winter and also provides greater privacy.

Make the right choice – choose spectrum glazing.

Spectrum Glazing are always on hand to offer advice and are able to talk through all options to help you decide which conservatory would suit you best as well as discussing planning permission and any building regulations that would may required. 

We’ll work with you every step of the way from the building foundations to the perfect lighting solutions, ensuring you get the extra living space you desire across Colchester, Clacton and Essex.

competitively Priced

Spectrum Glazing believe in bringing the best conservatory products for the best prices. That is why with the support of Ultraframe Conservatories and our highly experienced installation teams; we are confident you will end up with your dream Lean To sunroom conservatory extension.

Project managed

All of our conservatories installed in Essex and projected managed from the planning stage to your completed conservatory. To ensure the installation runs smoothly and we meet our projected target dates for each stage to finish your conservatory on time. Communicating with you throughout the project. 

Livin Room Internal Lighing Soffit

Loggia Super Insulated Corner Posts & Cornice

Upgrade your Ultraframe Lean To Conservatory

With the continued development of the Ultraframe lean to classic conservatory; conservatories have become more like the car industry with the way you can now personlise your conservatory home extension.

For example we are able to offer a wide range of colour finishes, 4 different types of external aluminium cornice, loggia super insulated aluminium posts to add grandeur. As well as the very popular Livin Room internal soffit pelmet, which is great for adding downlighters and bluetooth speakers to your conservatory as well as giving that orangery home extension feel.

Check out other conservatory styles

Spectrum Glazing have a conservatory style to suit any home or taste. Chck out the conservatory design below to see what is possible for your planned conservatory home extension.

Gable Ended Pavillion

Gable Front conservatories are becoming an increasingly popular conservatory style in the UK. The striking appearance, clean lines and array of finishing touches to the gable front such as ‘star bursts’ – it is no surprise. .

Three or five facet victorian

The Victorian conservatory design is very popular especially on older properties and those built during the time. Large modern houses can accommodate Victorian conservatories aswell.

Double Edwardian

This is like the edwardian conservatory style but slopes on 4 sides with an aluminium box guter between the house and the Ultraframe conservatory.

Is it a conservatory or an orangery?

With the right conservatory design and modifications you can make a conservatory quickly look like an orangery home extension.

The picture behind shows a classic Ultraframe conservatory with brick piers, aluminium classic white cornice, french double doors with full height sidelights so the doors can fold right back. Internally the walls are all plastered and fitted with the Livin Room internal lighting soffit to give it that orangery feel.

Lean To Sunroom Conservatory Gurantee

Spectrum Glazing offer you this kind of insurance cover. Please ask Spectrum Glazing about the details and you can see the policy papers. We will normally provide this to you should you decide to go ahead and buy a Spectrum edwardian conservatory.

The Spectrum ten year “Insurance Backed Guarantee” we provide to you will cover these important ingredients:

  • It will give you deposit payment protection
  • Includes work in progress and failure to comply with the Building Regulations
  • It covers the full value of your installation
  • It is fully transferable, if you sell your home

We make secure conservatories

.There are a number of things that you can do to make your lean to conservatory as secure as possible:

  • All our side frames have internal beading on your glass, which prevents people from moving the glass externally.
  • All our doors are fitted with Multi point locking systems and anti-bump locks.
  • Our Windows are fitted with a shoot locking mechanism which pushes two bolts into the actual window frame
  • Force resistant hinges are fitted to all windows and doors.
  • All of our conservatory glass is solar reflective toughened glass.
  • There are many other security precautions on the outside of the conservatory you can undertake such as extra security lighting, secure locks on garden gates and even prickly bushes planted round the garden can deter would be thieves.

Ultraframe Lean To Sunroom Conservatory Gallery

Check out our photos below to give you some inspriration what can be achieved on your own home. Spectrum Glazing install Ultraframe Georgian coservatories in Colchester, Clacton, Brightlingsea, Chelmsford, Maldon, Tiptree and North Essex.

Contact Spectrum Glazing today to start the process in designing your dream Lean to sunroom Ultraframe conservatory