3 August 2022

Orangeries & Conservatories Brightlingsea

Orangeries & Conservatories Brightlingsea

These are two popular methods of extending your home. What’s the distinction between a conservatory and an orangery?

Orangeries in Brightlingsea were historically an extension of a property, similar to a greenhouse, that was used to grow citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. The fruit growth was thus protected from the cold temperatures outside during the winter months. As such fruit became more widely available, the use of orangeries shifted to that of plant and shrub storage.

Conservatories arose as a result of this. They were primarily used to store and protect herb plants and shrubs. Maximum light would enter through glass ceilings and walls, allowing plants to grow faster.

Conservatories in Brightlingsea differed from orangeries in that they were built as part of a house or building, whereas orangeries could be a free-standing structure in a garden or at the back of a house.

Conservatories are much more common on properties in modern times. Today, they are primarily used as an extension feature to a property, providing an extra room of sorts while remaining in keeping with the style of the property.

Conservatory installations in Brightlingsea are available in a variety of materials ranging from aluminium to uPVC, whereas orangeries are typically made of aluminium.

Both will have double glazing and cutting-edge glass technologies to keep the space they provide comfortable and at the right temperatures at the right times of the year. Both have insulated walls, allowing them to be used throughout the year during different seasons.

Our conservatory and orangery products can be built to your specifications, giving you a wide range of options and possibilities even before you consider the number of doors or windows your structure will have. To match the style of your existing home, you can choose from a variety of materials for the exterior finish.

For fantastic prices on orangeries and conservatories in Brightlingsea, contact the experts today. Or why not try our online orangery and conservatory pricing tool, to give you an idea of cost.


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