27 April 2023

Replacement Acoustic Windows Great Holland

Replacement Acoustic Windows Great Holland

A full house of windows fitted in Great Holland.
The homeowners came to us after they were fed up with their previously draughty, cold windows, that were poorly installed by the previous installers.

One of the main concerns the customer approached us with, was the high level of noise being caused from the house being on a main road. To reduce the noise disturbance from the road, all the front and side windows in the house have been fitted with a special Acoustic glass.

Acoustic glass is made by laminating two panes of glass together with an acoustic membrane layer between them, this layer dampens soundwaves, with the extra thickness of the glass also playing a significant part in sound reduction. The thicker glass means any sound waves must travel further, leading to more waves dropping off by the time they reach the inside of the home, creating a much more peaceful environment to live in.



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