21 November 2022

Can you explain what a sash window is?

Can you explain what a sash window is?

The basic design of sash windows hasn’t changed much over time.

But modern advancements in technology and better materials have made them more functional and attractive than ever before.

Sash windows have been popular in Essex for centuries, and you can’t take a stroll down the street without passing by at least one. Saving money on energy costs, improving the look of your home, and raising its value are just a few of the many returns you may see after installing sash windows.

Sash Windows: A Definitive Explanation

Sash windows, which feature two movable panes known as “sashes,” are commonly found in Colchester houses. Sliding sash windows are the most common type and have two sashes that move up and down one in front of the other.

The window’s sash serves to secure the panes of glass within their frames. Adding to the window’s overall structure and durability, sashes should not be overlooked. All of your safety and security needs will be met by the sturdy construction of your window’s frame.

Sash windows: how do they operate?

Window sashes are operated by pulleys. Each window consists of two glass panels; to open it, simply slide one over the other. Some sash windows open horizontally in addition to the standard vertical sliding motion.

Sash windows use sash weights, which are hidden within the frame, to help them open and close smoothly. The pulley system ensures the window operates effortlessly. Pulleys are extremely reliable due to their high level of durability and the fact that they are housed within the window frame. If the pulleys fail, however, replacing them usually entails little more than taking apart a section of the window’s frame.

The Evolution of the Sash Window

It is unknown when sash windows were first used, but that they originated in France is a popular theory. Since the French word for “chassis” (or “frame”) is the origin of the English word “sash,” this makes perfect sense. There is speculation that following the Great Fire of London in 1666, sash windows were first used in the UK.

In spite of their origins and motivations, sash windows have become the standard in Britain. As they are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, sash windows have remained at the forefront of window design for over 500 years.


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