23 November 2022

Dormer Windows: The Ultimate Loft Conversion Solution

Dormer Windows: The Ultimate Loft Conversion Solution

High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship go into our dormer windows and our installation services. Therefore, we provide durable dormer windows that are affordable for most budgets without sacrificing quality or security.

Dormer windows project from the top of a roof in the form of a box or frame. The term “dormer” is commonly used to describe the structure, and most dormers do in fact feature windows. They can be put to good use in the construction of dormer windows or other modifications to existing attics.

Putting in dormer windows is a great way to let more light into your attic. Get a no-obligation estimate from the south-east region’s go-to dormer window suppliers and installers, today. Get in touch with us today for details.

There are many advantages to installing dormer windows.

Many of our UPVC windows, as well as other window materials, are compatible with dormer windows. Casement windows are great for most dormers because of their flush design and ability to fit into narrow window frames. Tilt-and-turn windows and sliding sash windows can function as well.

Our dormer windows not only let in more light, but also have the following advantages:

Adding a dormer window to a pitched roof can significantly increase the amount of usable headroom in the home. More usable floor space is created in a loft conversion thanks to the dormer’s small box shape. Railings can be attached to large Velux windows for added security.

Reduced energy loss: attics are notorious for squandering heat and air. These modern double-paned windows help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce energy costs.

Rooftops, especially in the summer, can reach temperatures significantly higher than the rest of a building if proper ventilation is not provided. All of our dormer windows can be opened all the way and closed with ease.

Dormer windows on a partially flat roof, in particular, can pose security risks. Our windows may not have the most advanced locking mechanisms on the market, but the thick glass and sturdy frames ensure your safety.

Versatility: You can choose from a wide variety of colour schemes and styles, and even mix and match dormer window sizes within a single frame. They are also adaptable, as they can be installed flush or recessed.

Money-wise, if you use our UPVC window blueprints, you can acquire first-rate panes for a reasonable price. When compared to metal or wood, the production cost of UPVC frames is much lower, making it possible to affordably purchase stylish modern frames.


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