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Anthracite Grey & Light Grey PVC-u Windows in Colchester: PVC-u windows have evolved and are now available in a huge range of styles, opening options and colours with anthracite, grey and light grey being three of the most popular ones.

We have a range of coloured PVC-u windows to suit any type of property from any era. Ranging from vertical sliding replica sash windows designed specifically for Victorian and Edwardian properties to ultra modern, grey aluminium windows for use in flats or apartments where cleaning can be a challenge.

Windows now come with a colour coded energy rating similar to white goods like fridges and freezers, Spectrum Glazing offer ‘A’ energy rated windows as standard.

The most advanced upvc window available on the market.

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[image_hotspot_parent image=”” alt=”grey windows” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”38.4%” pointer_horizontal_position=”18.9%” tooltip_position=”left” title=”Choice of window profiles” desc=”Spectrum Glazing Liniar window are available in bevelled (chamfered) for a clean contemporary look and sculptured (curved) profile for a decorative look.” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″ title_level=”h3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”36.6%” pointer_horizontal_position=”61%” tooltip_position=”right” image=”” title=”Wide range of window handles” desc=”At Spectrum are delighted to offer you a wide range of handle colour options to match any interior.” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”22.2%” pointer_horizontal_position=”18.9%” tooltip_position=”left” inner_alt=”Child safety features” title=”Child safety features” desc=”Child restrictors, designed to limit the opening of upvc windows, can be fitted to Spectrums windows to give you extra piece of mind.” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”50%” pointer_horizontal_position=”78.7%” tooltip_position=”left” inner_alt=”energy saving grey windows” title=”Stormproof & Energy Saving” desc=”EnergyPlus upvc windows are capable of achieving an energy rating of A+ with our double glazing range or with our triple glazing option a U Value as low as 0.8W/m2K” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”50%” pointer_horizontal_position=”44.9%” tooltip_position=”left” inner_alt=”ultra slim upvc windows” title=”Slim sightlines” desc=”The ultra-slim sightlines are designed into our EcoEnergy Plus upvc windows allow in maximum natural light – and result in a more attractive upvc window” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”20.7%” pointer_horizontal_position=”48.2%” tooltip_position=”left” inner_alt=”A+ Energy Rated Windows” title=”A+ Energy Rated Windows” desc=”EnergyEnergy Plus upvc windows bubble gaskets are welded to the frame as part of the manufacturing process, meaning a continuous seal all the way round, eliminating drafts and providing resistance to water.” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”88%” pointer_horizontal_position=”50%” tooltip_position=”right” image=”” inner_alt=”Traditional looking window cills” title=”Traditional looking window cills” desc=”The eco energy plus upvc external window cill is 35mm deep at the front, looking more like a traditional thick timber cill. This is nearly twice the thickness of our competitors standard PVCu cill. Available in a wide range of colours and depths.” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][image_hotspot_child pointer_vertical_position=”60.1%” pointer_horizontal_position=”60.3%” inner_alt=”upvc window glass options” title=”upvc window glass options” desc=”There is a wide range of glass options to suit our EcoEnergy Plus upvc windows. But as standard Spectrum supply 28mm double glazing with a low iron coating to provide a maximum energy efficiency. With Spectrum you can choose to upgrade to 36mm triple glazing for a maximum U Value of 0.8Wm2 or laminated glass for increased security. ” icon_color=”#d15aa1″ use_circle=”on” circle_color=”#006fae” _builder_version=”4.3.3″][/image_hotspot_child][/image_hotspot_parent]

Grey uPVC Replacement Windows Colchester Essex
Anthracite & Light Grey Options


Our double glazing company specialise in coloured u-PVC windows designed to replicate timber as closely as possible. All of our grey uPVC windows are made to your specifications in our factory in Essex. Everything we produce is accredited with the European CE Mark and manufactured to British Standards incorporating high security locking systems.

All grey options are available with colours inside and outside or colour outside and white inside, we are always happy to visit you at home to discuss our window options where we can bring a grey window sample with us for you to look at.

Windows built with security in mind

‘Bear grip’ twin hooks at every locking point for increased resistance against attack.

11am steel hook penetration for maximum security.

Lock designed based on multi-point door lock technology.

Covered by the ERA Security Guarantee for 10 years.

High security hinge bolts fitted as standard.

Spectrums Window ERA Security guarantee

You can get benefits worth up to £5,000 by simply installing doors or windows with the ERA Five Star Guarantee. Which Spectrum Glazing’s are as standard.

Five major benifits to homeowners

Insurance savings
You will be able to obtain lower home insurance costs with high security windows or doors installed. ERA’s recommended broker aims to save your homeowners money on their home insurance

24/7 Help
The Five Star Guarantee includes a FREE call out service that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to secure a your property if they are broken into, no questions asked.

Up to £1,000 Excess Paid
ERA will cover the excess on any home insurance claim due to the failure of one of our products.

Up to £1,000 to repair or replace the door or window
ERA will also pay up to £1,000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing the window or door that’s been compromised.

£1,000 Compensation Paid
In the unlikely event of a break-in succeeding through the failure of a Five Star Guaranteed product, ERA will compensate the customer for the inconvenience by giving them a cheque for £1,000.

And all this at no extra cost…

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