Aluk slim line Aluminum windows combine elegant and innovative features with high performance design. They have been developing windows and doors specifically to cater for the UK market for more than 20 years, responding to the needs of Colchester homeowner.

As a leader in aluminium windows design and manufacturing, Aluk uses its continuous innovation to develop some of the most aesthetic and performance driven products available worldwide. We are able to supply and install a full range of Aluminum window systems to suit any project’s needs in Colchester Essex; commercial or domestic.

Aluk offers the flexibility, style and performance that designers are looking for when specifying glazing solutions. All Aluk products are manufactured to the highest standards, these windows are inherently strong, lightweight and durable.

The Aluk aluminium window profile is unique and exceeds the performance standards required by modern building design while at the same time providing the aesthetic appeal you are looking for.

Styles such as casement windows, tilt and turn windows, sliding doors, French doors, single doors and more ensure that the range is both functional and meets different performance needs. We are able to work with all of these products to provide configuration to meet the needs of your project.

Built to meet your needs, these stylish windows and doors offer protection from the elements while opening your home to an expanse of light. A combination of high thermal and acoustic performance and inherent strength and low maintenance benefits ensure that your home is safe and secure.

After rigorous testing, you can be assured that the Aluk window and door systems meet the highest safety standards and are fit for purpose. Aluk is a great choice for a contemporary style look.